Most people would describe Franny Morrow as an odd child. She talks quietly to herself, forgets to eat, and disappears for hours at a time. And there are the fairies: King Tamarack, Queen Iris, and Princess Meadowsweet. Fairies only Franny can see. Friends who are all she has left to remind her of her dead father.

When she is sent to live with her eccentric grandmother, she takes the fairies with her. Together, they search the old mansion for a lost treasure: a Kingfisher's feather, which they are certain will give Meadowsweet the gift of flight. But instead, they discover a greater magic, one that Franny never expected to find.

The Kingfisher's Gift is a rare and beautiful story of growing up, of discovering the truth and wonder of imagination, the importance of believing, and the healing power of letting go.

Susan Williams Beckhorn
author & illustrator
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The Kingfisher’s Gift
Author Susan Williams Beckhorn

Philomel, 2002

ISBN-10: 0399237127
ISBN-13: 978-0399237126

about the book...

" the heart strings a real workout...tender and tearful moments aplenty..."

– Kirkus

"...should have appeal to fans of Frances Hodgeson Burnett's classic The Secret Garden and Janet Taylor Lisle's Afternoon of the Elves."

– Booklist

"Moving...brings the child, the other characters, and the early 1900s setting to life, creating a well-plotted story that unfolds clearly from its opening to Franny's ultimate reconciliation with her mother."

– School Library Journal 

reviews and praise...

Junior Library Guild Selection

International Reading Association Honor Book

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